We just wanna make dope sh*t.


Rude? Maybe. But seriously, we just want to create awesome stuff for you to enjoy.

Scrapt was created to foster creative and original ideas through content that connects and entertains. From television documentaries to fun and nerdy podcasts, Scrapt is breaking ground in storytelling. And we’re not afraid of the work.

We’re fighters and go-getters. We don’t make excuses for not doing something because the best way to put a story together is to show up and get it done. Making what we want from what we have is our motto here at Scrapt. We put the pieces together, allowing the story to reveal itself, and hoping that you, our viewer and friend, like what you see.




Hosts and Contributors

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Taylor D. Adams

Taylor is the founder, producer, and editor of all shows from Scrapt Productions. He hosts Drinking While Interviewing and the Popcorn & Nerds podcast. He's a movie and TV buff, and can beat anyone in Trivial Pursuit (we'd prove it to you, but no one wants to play with him anymore). Taylor's ideal day would be a hike through the woods with his dog, a couple of beers at a local brewery, and splitting a pint of ice cream over a good documentary.

Crystal Taylor The Queen Curator.jpg

Crystal Taylor (AKA the Queen Curator)

Crystal is the CEO and Founder of The Underground Collective which has partnered with Scrapt to shine light on underground hip-hop talent. As the host of Real Raps Only and Respect The Producer, her charm and straight-forwardness are signatures of her interview style and love for her community.


Mark Goings

Mark Goings is the co-host of the Popcorn & Nerds podcast, where he expertly reviews the latest in video game news and movie plots in his deep baritone voice. He's got a sweet tooth to rival Willy Wonka, and is in charge of all snacks during recording days. Mark is infamous for his elephant-like memory, penchant for fact-touting, and love of nearly all nerdy things.

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Nicole Yang

Nicole is the host of From What I Remember and resident designer. She's a first-generation Asian American who will both school you on good Vietnamese cuisine and reprimand you for assuming she knows anything about it. She loves science fiction thrillers and musicals equally, just like she loves pizza and ice cream equally.


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